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It is a known fact that HOUSEpital belongs in the homecare industry. However, it can be applied to nursing homes too. To constructively analyze the future of the healthcare system, a proper appreciation of what the HOUSEpital Company can provide the health insurance industry is highly imperative. HOUSEpital makes it easy to transact electronically without having to rely on third-party verification; this is because it is a case management firm that makes it possible for them to keep track of every transaction processed through any electronic medical information system.

HOUSEpital is already being used as a resource for hospitals and other healthcare institutions for verifying their quality, ethics and safety for discharged patients. Care management combined with wrap around support services is imperative in preventing hospital re-admissions. This has been proven by many studies and researcher, this key component alone will act as a check against fraud, waste and ensure quality assurance. Insuring decreased insurance costs to the barest minimum, as well as creating a more transparent patient centered healthcare system. Another important application in the HOUSEpital system is to monitor and track complex discharge orders and care plans. Compliance is tracked and traced from the moment homecare provider’s begin servicing clients to the point in which certification period end. Thus satisfying Medicare IMPACT ACT requirements and increasing consumer demand for both billing accuracy, transparency and a comprehensive care team.

Since 99% of all patients desire to return home upon discharge, as an independent care management firm the HOUSEpital Co. has efficiently caused a shift in the modus operandi of the channel. For example, upon being linked to a care advisor or any staff member within the HOUSEpital system, a customer is evaluated and assessed within 24 hours and a Transition Care Plan is created at the time of payment and the discharge is processed upon the physician’s orders. For example, a hospital can identify a patient and submit a referral on a Monday. A patient can be assessed and confirmed for discharge complete with a new residence, primary caregiver, visiting nurses, home delivered pharmacy, equipment companies and the like by Tuesday of the same week. This process has been verified by many discharge planners, clients and families.

To ensure integrity and patients safety the link of independent service providers are too connected with clients in their home to include state funded case management departments and other mandated reporters. Increasing in ways of remotely policing caregivers will tremendously affect the industry. If care management is needed in any home or healthcare facility, although headquartered downtown Chicago; this firm’s virtual presence can be experienced nationally. Moreover, HOUSEpital’s business standards and operations is not compromised because of a patient geographical location, in fact many of the clients that they service have family support system who live all across the United States.

In spite of the most recent highlight of care management services in various systems all over the world, the expense of healthcare remains a problem for the industry. Payment processing are undergoing rapid and massive change with the use of newly implemented quality assurance measures created by CMS. Not only could HOUSEpital solve these quality assurance issues, but it could significantly speed up the payment process. As numerous transactions occur, HOUSEpital provides consumers secure payment transactions, decreasing the chance of service delays due to processing or error and omission penalties.

In the coming years, these and many other care management firms will be at the forefront of the changes in nursing home and the healthcare industry. As many usefully apply there proven system to insure the safety and wellbeing of patients and families all over America.

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