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Fascinating environment and arrangement

This five bedroom beach house gets you inspired with the impressive view of Lake Michigan, the pristine beach, sights and sounds of wildlife, the scintillating experience of living in a sublime Chicago community and so much more. It is a hidden treasure that has immense potential to match the interest of any smart discharge planner whether for a patients permanent or respite stay. As this is the primary caregiver’s personal residence and provides a high level of privacy for patients who are receiving 1-to-1 care and support.

Stepping into a homesharing property, occupied primarily by the aged and disabled is not entirely a new idea. Finding cost effective measures of receiving care and housing dominates the industry nursing home standards in the delivery of care. This unique experience was found to be the brainchild of a previous nursing home worker who new she could do it better with fewer call offs and better staffing; she could do it herself in her own home.

The homes offers families the peace and dependency of a safe home environment and fewer trips to the hospital as transitional care needs change. The culture of the various homes is diversified by patient’s acuity levels, age and the nature of their disability. They are located in communities all across Chicagoland and Northwest Indiana, with many municipalities becoming to have more respect and regard for the need for cost effective roommate arrangements without age or disability discrimination.

These beautiful homes are no different than the ones that we all occupy, except they all come  complete with a team of an independent care management firm that oversee the care needs of each individual residence. The HOUSEpital Company, plays an intricate roll in the lives of the residence who occupy such roommate/caregiver arrangements from the first day of residency in the home until a patient’s demise. Additionally, families are encouraged to come and visit as in any other home life situation, without the need of following traditional “visiting hours”. Patients are connected with homeshare providers in settings that may consist of a 2 family household complete with a dog, to a semi-retired veteran looking to make an extra income while rendering care support for 2-3 disabled individuals. The possibilities are endless.

Originally starting in 2012, the shared space-community integrated living arrangement (CILA) concept is a picture-perfect example of affordable living and comfort with many appointed details throughout the program. However it was not ridden of its fair share of critics for its rendering of a private shared residential roommate arrangements for the elderly. Further, some providers were scrutinized for assisting in meeting the activities of daily living needs of those stricken with mental illness, substance abuse and those with a misdeed past.  Fortunately, the program does not allow for discrimination of any sort and all providers have undergone a rigorous background check and screening. The wrap around support of licensed homecare businesses and case managers is designed to virtual eradicate the possibilities of fraud, waste or abuse by any participating provider or organization.


Accountability and Amenities


The entire living arrangement is designed with a complete traditional yet transparent concept extending between providers, patients and his or her care manager. As for a patient centered focus, residence are encouraged to work with their families and the entire care team in completing advanced directives, benefit reviews and in locating additional resources that may benefit them in their long term stay in the place in which they have come to know as home.  As in most all private home settings residents are expected to pay privately. However, this is the primary residence of the caregiver and the rate is just a fraction of what most nursing or assisted living facilities may charge.

From private suites to a shared rooms, residence and their families can choose providers, locations and arrangements based on the care needs of their loved one, market rate rent and the accumulation of other supportive entities in deciding on where they are to stay. No database listing is given to customers for home tours until a full assessment has been performed and all parties agree that such homes may be a good fit. Unrivaled privacy is given to protect that of the homeshare providers and the other residence of the home.

For many homeshare providers, they too welcome a break from caregiving. It is safe to say that the average caregiver experiences some form of burnout within the first 2 years of his or her career. Hence why care management has become key and the need to keep caregiver-to-patient ratios as low as possible. Homeshare providers have come to rely on a system that keeps them in contact with other homeshare providers and caregivers should these circumstances arise.

Although, this new family may exist and provide the perfect fit for your situation. Homeshare providers will only provide money management support at a very minimum. They do not wish to become the payee or custodian of resident’s financial affairs. In providing such peaceful and comfortable environments most providers will not allow for residents to bring in outside furnishings. Many providers will allow residence to do their own meal preparations, however it is based on a case by case basis and the house rules will still be upheld.  Providers work in collaboration with residents care managers to encourage the independence of patients and residents alike.

Most providers have a formal activities program, although not all providers have such program and often times these residence are participating in a program outside of the primary residence and is supported by his or her physician.  Home and life is not much different than it was before moving into a homesharing arrangement. It’s easier to identify service failures in such small and intimate settings and make the correction without going up the chain of command for resolve. 24/7 supervision and care support never rest in the hands of just the homeshare provider alone. By utilizing the support of the entire care team it ensures much success in treatment outcomes and in the overall quality of life of a patient.  Each care plan is customized to meet the care needs of a particular patient, continuity of care is front of mind of all parties of the care team, patients and families are more at ease to go about life as they would prior to the change in a patients home location.

This strategic position makes homesharing both a fascinating residential option and career goal for both patients and homeshare providers. Most homeshare providers know and understand the importance of being ready and available to assist others in need. The convenience of working from home is ideal for them and those that they serve. If you are in search of a homeshare provider in Chicago or Northwest Indiana with the unique and true feel of home; search no further!  Contact a Care Advisor for a personal tour of a property and have a firsthand experience of this fascinating aging opportunity at 888-273-5650.

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