Comprehensive Care Management

Our #1 concern is providing the best possible care options for our clients. We understand the ins and outs of the healthcare system and can coordinate a wide variety of long-term care solutions.

Looking for a first-class Care Advisor?

The HOUSEpital Advantage

Provide comprehensive long-term strategic care management solutions to chronic care patients with the utmost compassion and kindness that our clients deserve.

Deliver hands-on care coordination and management by capable staff who handle each patient as a unique case and circumstance.

Work cooperatively with clients and their families, as well as medical institutions looking to release patients, to administer the best care management solutions.

Keep the best interests of the patients in mind. Our patient’s desires and unique family and personal situations are factored into care recommendations.

Troubleshoot issues and advise patients and their families of long-term options and solutions.

Always strive for the highest patient comfort and satisfaction. Our client’s quality of life is at the forefront of everything we do.

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Experienced in population health.

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Generate new products with higher potential and lower risks of failure.

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We customize services for you from the meaning we understand all initial meeting through life transitions.

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Frequently asked questions

Whether you’re just starting out or already have a long term care plan, having the right acumen can make day-to-day caregiving easier and more cost-effective. We can help you find the best plan to meet your long term care transaction needs.

We believe that quality care is the foundation of human dignity, economic stability, and independent self-sufficiency. With strong support from our government and private care partners, we strategically match health and social service providers with patients and families with optimum long-term care in mind. The well-being of every client informs and drives our care recommendations.

We achieved our success because of how successfully we integrate with our clients and facilities. One complaint some company’s have about care managers is that they can be disruptive. Facilities and organizations fear outside care managers coming in and destroying the workflow. we only work on the behalf of our clients, however referral sources and clients face no such issues.